torstai 28. maaliskuuta 2013

Inside Mosque

I need to practice my writing skills in English -thus I'll write this blog every now and then in English.  

I joined in English speaking ladies club a month ago: The Women association of Cairo (WA). Women more than 25 different countries serve newcomers to Cairo and raise funds to support needy Egyptian charities.This organization arrange also guided tours for interesting places in Cairo.

Sunday was Noora's last holiday here with us. We decided to take part in WA trip to Islamic Cairo. We took a taxi from our place to Zamalek, which is in an island located in the middle of River Nile at the center of Cairo. There was a little bus and a guide waiting for us in the front of Hotel Marriot. We were about 15 ladies participating this trip.

One of our stops was Bab Zuweila - a medieval gate in Cairo, which is still standing in modern times.  It is considered one of the major landmarks of the city and is the last remaining southern gate from the walls of  Fatimid Cairo in the 11th and 12th century. Its name comes from bab, meaning "door", and Zuwayla, the name of a troop of fearsome Berber warriors from the western desert,  who were charged with guarding the gate.

Bread transportation


The gate has two beautifully minarets. We climbed to the roof of the gate. The view was over the Old Cairo.

View to Cairos old downtown

...and view to some peoples homes equipped with modern technology - but no windows

We went also in two mos-
ques  Al-Mu'ayyad mosque    and    Mosque                 Al-Salih   Tala'i. 

When you go inside to mosque, you have to take off your shoes. It is mandatory for women to ware scarf.

Place of prayers

Last place where we walked was tha Khayameya (Tent-makers) market. It is one of the oldest bazaars in Egypt. It started, when the Arabs, who lived in and decoreted their tents, came to Egypt.  

There were only few shops open, because it was Sunday. Some of the ladies made good bargains and bought nicely decorated blankets, table-cloths and so on.

When our tour was over, the bus took us back to Marriot.

We have to wait our taxi for a while, because of traffic. So we went to this new coffee place. The weather was so warm and we sat outside. We met a very nice couple from Croatia with whom we had very good time! 

When we game at home,  Noora started to pack her luggage - the flight left next morning. Noora's two weeks with us had gone quickly, but we had very nice time :)

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  1. Mielenkiinnolla luen blogiasi. Minulla on Egyptiläinen mies ja asumme Suomessa. Muutto Egyptiin on jossain vaiheessa ajankohtainen, joten on kiva lukea muiden suomalaisten kokemuksia asumisesta Egyptissä. :)